Invention of Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy


Dr. Tsuneichi Fujiyama, former professor of Tohoku University invented the Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy device. It is the most highly reputed, modern and unique device for Magnetic Therapy.

The fact that patent right for the method of applying magnetic power had been registered in countries such as Japan, USA, England, France, Belgium and Switzerland by 1934 tells all about it.


An inventor

Dr. Fujiyama was famous as an inventor of nitrogenous nature. While observing warship iron research done by his friend Dr. Kotaro Honda, he noticed the utilization of silicon steel plate which is very hard but fragile.

This unexpectedly caused him to invent the Magnetic Ultra Long Wave Therapy device.

Dr. Fujiyama was very much interested in the fact that crops under high voltage power cable were more vital than crops in other areas. It apparently showed outstanding growth with greener color.


The power of magnetic field

He also came to know that there was much possibility of this being caused by magnetic power produced in the direction which met right angles with the electric current, and not by the electric current itself.

And that magnetic power may give an enormous influence beyond his expectation to all creatures as much as the earth does. Since then, Dr. Fujiyama did his best effort to study magnetic theory.

It is for medical therapy which applies the electromagnetic power and emits the ultra long wave electromagnetic wave covering in fact 6,000,000 meters at 50 cycles.


Breaking a wave length record

It was such named by late Dr. Koh Ohuchi, former superintendent of Kawasaki Electric Industry, as it had broken the electric industrial category of long wave covering merely 3,000 to 6,000 meters.

Magnetic Ultra Long Wave is quite different in its characteristic from other electric instruments for therapy such as of high frequency, ultra short wave or low frequency, but it rather otherwise belongs to low frequency.


The ideal medical device

It is however fundamentally different from other so-called medical device as to the point that it does not give any stimulation or side effects. It is said to be the ideal medical instrument.

When alternating current of 110V or 220V at 50Hz is switched on, the plus and minus current take alternative change at both ends and there arises magnetic power, also plus and minus alternatively making right angle with the direction of electric current.

This device is called the Magnetic Ultra Long Wave.

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