Which Magnetic Therapy product suits you?


Chini International pioneered the use of this alternative therapy 20 years ago with their Magnetic Therapy product ranging from portable type to chair type.

Currently there are 5 Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy chairs, a foot type and a belt type device in my health center. The following are magnetic devices available from Longheh...


LH-8 Chair

Model LH-8: Static Chair

This popular type produces the most effective ULW Magnetic Therapy. It sits comfortably in your living room. You can watch TV or read newspaper while enjoying it.


LH-8A Chair

Model LH-8A: Adjustable Chair

Adjustable chair type is same as LH-8. However, its back seat is adjustable to recline at the angle most comfortable to you. Nice to sleep on it too.


LH-6 Bed

Model LH-6: Single Bed

This bed type lets you sleep while relaxing with Magnetic Therapy. Ideal for overcoming sleeping problem and for those with movement difficulty.



LH-2B Portable
Model LH-2B: Portable Type

Belt type is suitable for easy application on curve body parts such as stomach, back and shoulder. Foot type (round) can be applied on your foot, knee, stomach and other body parts.
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All Magnetic Therapy product comes with control panel that can program the timer to switch on for 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes. Standard treatment is 30 minutes. You need to rest for 2 hours before receiving another round of treatment.

Model LH-2B and LH-6 comes with control box that can automatically switch on the device for 30 minutes at 2 hours interval in repeated cycle. This is convenient for application while you sleep.


Built to Last

All these Magnetic Therapy products come with 1 year warranty. Since it works without any moving parts, it is very durable. A lot of these devices are still functioning fine even after 10 years of usage.

At the same time, it holds the following international certification for medical device:

  • ISO 9001 quality certification
  • ISO 9002 quality certification
  • ISO 13488 quality certification for medical device
  • CE Marking 0434
  • US FDA Approval

You can have total quality assurance and peace of mind when using it.

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