How Magnetic Therapy treatment improves your health


When you receive Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy treatment, its waves will pass through your whole body, from head to toe. Here are its four main functions... 


1) Produce Joules Heat

When penetrating your muscle, bone and organs, these waves generate a secondary circular current to produce Joules Heat. This internal heat can effectively help to:

  • relieve pain
  • reduce inflammation and swelling
  • relax muscle, nerve and blood vessel
  • improve circulation and remove circulatory blockage

Therefore, Magnetic Therapy treatment can produce significant improvement for:

  • headache
  • arthritis
  • nerve pain
  • menstrual pain
  • sciatica
  • and other body pain

This Heat Therapy can soften and remove small lump in your body.

Nowdays, so many people are diagnosed with breast tumor, uterus tumor and lymph tumor. Therefore, Heat Therapy also acts as a preventive care for tumor and even cancer.

Joules Heat from Magnetic Therapy treatment also dilates blood vessels, which is very important for alternative cancer therapy.


2) Create Vibrating Wave

The first thing you feel when applying Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy treatment is gentle and soothing vibration.

With more than 3000 gentle micro vibrations per minute, Magnetic Therapy lets you really rest and relax. It relieves fatigue and improves sleeping condition. Many users in my alternative health center said they can sleep better at night after receiving this therapy.

When Pulsed Magnetic Ultra Long Wave pass through your body, it magnetizes and vibrates blood cells such as red blood cell, white blood cell, platelet and lymph cell. Therefore, it effectively...

  • Improve blood circulation for effective transportation of oxygens and nutrients to cells. This maintains normal body functions, thus preventing and improving chronic degenerative diseases.
  • Improve lymph circulation which supply lymph fluid around our body cells. Toxic wastes and dead cells are transported out through lymph vessel, which doesn't have a pump like a heart for blood vessels.

    Circulation of lymph is only aided by breathing and exercise. But Magnetic Therapy can help to improve lymph circulation for effective body detoxification.
  • Enhance immune system because of the improved blood and lymph circulation.

Magnetic Ultra Long Wave can also enhance the magnetic field of ion particles in blood vessels to further improve blood circulation. A smooth circulation ensures optimum body functions and good health.

Therefore, it can prevent and improve diseases concerning circulatory problem such as:

  • hypertension
  • stroke
  • hardening of blood vessel
  • heart vessel blockage
  • numbness of hands and legs
  • piles


3) Recharge Body Cells

Magnetic Therapy treatment naturally recharges your body cells with positive & negative charges. It activates weak cells to become stronger and improves growth of new cells. This charging effect can

  • reduce free radical (the main cause of most illnesses)
  • reduce cancerous cell transformation
  • reduce ageing process

With this, it effectively improves various chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease and even cancer in some cases.

It also activates white blood cells to enhance immune system. So, you can fight off germs and virus easily to prevent sickness.

It has become a reality. Continuously using ULW Magnetic Therapy makes you stronger, more energetic and look younger. Just like constantly charging a battery to make it last longer.

In all your body organs, you can only install battery to your heart. When you heart pulse is weak, you can install a pacemaker to support its function. But when your liver, kidney or lung are weak, you certainly cannot install a battery to charge them up.

Of course not! But with Magnetic Ultra Long Wave therapy, you can. Everyday when you sit on the electromagnetic therapy chair, you get to charge up your organs and cells. Fatigue slowly disappears. Energy is slowly regained.

This makes your body last longer and longer... just like the Energizer battery.


4) Regulate Hormone

Continuous receiving Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy treatment ensures normal function of hormone secreting organs such as pituitary gland and pancreas.

This results in a more balanced and adequate hormones level. Therefore, every body function can be carried out smoothly. This is especially important for prevention and treatment of diabetes and other hormone imbalance diseases.


The best solution for modern healthcare

Combining these four functions together, you get a healthcare solution that safeguard your body and improve your health all the time. The best thing is, you can enjoy all these benefits without any side effects at all.


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