Is Electromagnetic therapy an effective Psoriasis alternative treatment?


Psoriasis is an incurable skin disease. Medicine can only control the symptoms. So is there any psoriasis alternative treatment to significantly improve this skin problem for long term, without the side effect of medication?

Let's look at the case study of a boy named Didit from Indonesia. Didit used the Electromagnetic Ultra Long Wave Therapy and other herbs to improve his psoriasis condition in 3 months.


7 years of Psoriasis

When Didit was 9 years old, patches of mosquito bite can be seen around his neck. So his parents applied talcum powder on it but the patches was still there even after 3 days.

With this, Didit quickly went for medical check up in the hospital and took the prescribed medicines. However, his skin problem still persisted and even spread to the whole body.

Didit also suffered from high fever and was hospitalized 4 times in 7 years. This psoriasis condition still could not improve.


Receiving Psoriasis alternative treatment

On 20th August 2005, Didit started to receive Electromagnetic Ultra Long Wave Therapy for 4 sessions everyday. Together with this therapy, he also consumed the following herbs and supplements:

  • Ganoderma Lucidum (9 capsules a day)
  • Cordyceps Sinensis (9 capsules a day)
  • Lecithin (9 capsules a day)
  • Green Tea extract (9 capsules a day)
  • Bee Propolis (45 drops a day)
  • High Fiber (2 packets a day)
  • Longheh Tea (2 sachets a day)

After 3 months, Didit significantly improved his psoriasis problem. Look at his psoriasis picture below.


Didit Psoriasis picture: Before and After

Psoriasis face - before   Psoriasis face - after


Psoriasis hand - before   Psoriasis hand - after


Psoriasis leg - before   Psoriasis leg - after


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